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BRADDOWNEYWASHERE  – Artist residency
Featured artist: Brad Downey
Jun 01 – Aug 12 | Somewhere in Italy
Opening reception: never
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Four brand new walls this july in Tor Marancia for Big City Life project, stay in touch for the vernissage party!

About the project
Tor Marancia was a Roma’s forgotten suburbia district condemned to immobility until february 28.  Suddenly, at the end of a warm roman february, Tor Marancia was cast into the media spotlight. Hundreds of people coming to visit the neighborhood, tv from all over the world interviewing residents, newspapers talking about resuscitation of suburbia. What’s happend? Nothing serious, we just painted with some artists the facades of their houses. We had a lot of fun, we made some amazing art, that’s all.

Watch the short film
Focused on Tor Marancia residents’ response to Big City Life project, this short film is about how the project is done, Francesca will drive you trough the process with Tor Marancia residents.

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